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The Super Bowl of Preaching-EHS

The Super Bowl is the grandest sporting event of each year—some might even suggest the grandest entertainment event. Two teams have battled through the gauntlet of the regular season and playoffs to access the center stage.

In a couple of weeks the Preaching Super Bowl will commence! However, this event will occur with little or no fanfare as highly gifted "Giants" of preaching will gather at the annual conference of the Evangelical Homiletics Society (EHS). Professors, pastors, editors, and homiliticians of all forms will meet for a time of challenge and encouragement in the skills, art, and gifts of preaching.

EHS commenced the inaugural meeting in October, 1997 at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in a northern suburb of Boston, MA. The organization is the brainchild of Drs. Scott Gibson (Gordon-Conwell) and Keith Willhite (Dallas Theological Seminary). They were pursuing an academic society for the exchange of ideas related to the instruction of biblical preaching.

On October 13-15, this year’s conference returns to the site of that first conference, focused on the theme of "Learning from the History of Preaching" with Hughes Oliphant Old as the Plenary Speaker. There will also be 12 paper presentations by Society members for challenge, peer review, and, when necessary, some collegial "course correction." Mingling within this group makes a pastor feel like he’s at the Super Bowl of Preaching—or maybe more appropriately the Pro Bowl, with the best of the best available under one roof. While I do not claim to be one of the "perennial all-pros" it’s been my honor to attend 8 pervious conferences. I even had the privilege of presenting a paper at last year’s conference (a great experience and no "course corrections").

The preaching information you’ll find in articles and books over the next few years often has its inception at an EHS Conference. If you’d like more information about EHS or have questions, feel free to contact me. I’m looking forward to my 9th conference in a couple weeks!


Welcome to Facility Stewardship

What do we do with our building? That's a common question I encounter, which is often followed with a frustrated sigh--"I'm about ministry, why do I have to get dragged down into the weeds of problems about our building?"

Even though I have a degree in architecture, I used to feel that way sometimes as a pastor. That is until I came to understand that many times facility issues really do have a ministry impact. And not only that, but they can be a catalyst for improving church health!

I invite you to join me on this journey to experience God's goodness as manifested through facility issues. And my utilizing biblical principles and leadership skills those facility challenges can be a path for healthier churches serving the Kingdom!

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