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Why I WANT to Gain Weight

I want the numbers on the scale to go higher. . . MUCH higher!

Wait a minute. . . not while I’m standing on it. . . those numbers go up easily enough when weighing myself.

Rather, I want to gain weight with my donations to Christian Resources International Mission. Recently, I received a year end giving receipt and it recorded my total giving as: “42 lbs.” This was a new kind of receipt for me, but quickly reorients my thinking. And it makes me want to gain weight with my donations to them.

Christian Resources International will take the extra Christian literature that is just gathering dust and put it in the hands of people who have very little of God’s Word. The 42 pound donation I sent came from items at the building of Zion Bible Church, where I served as interim pastor. There were all kinds of Bibles, books, study materials, and Christion literature that had been stored away in the past. Those items were left in storage because they had become worn, slightly damaged, or were the leftovers from a small group or Sunday School study—and people hesitate to throw away those kinds of things.

So, in addition to wanting to gain weight with my own donations, I’m spreading the word about ministries like Christian Resources International, Edwin L. Hodges Ministries, and Christian Salvage Mission. In our American churches, those Bibles and Christian books are no longer in use—but we don’t want to throw them away, so they sit on shelves. However, there are places around the world that don’t mind the folded pages or even bent covers. They are okay with only one copy for a class, or even one for an entire church. Friends, they are waiting for us to sort through our church storage rooms and send those materials to ministries like CRI.

In addition to putting Christian materials to work, culling our church storage rooms can also reclaim space for other ministry uses. Almost every church I work with describes needing more storage space—and I understand that it is an important need. However, square footage in our churches costs too much to build, and then maintain, to store dust gathering Bibles and books.

But don’t just throw them away! Yes, it takes more effort, but let’s sort through those storage rooms and shelves and put those Bibles and Christian materials in the hands of people who are waiting for them. This year, I want to gain weight—with my materials donations. . . and I hope you will join me in that desire.

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