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The Next Great Adventure

What an Adventure! On May 25, we celebrated the building retirement for Zion Bible Church. It was an amazing service with God present in grand ways—how else can you explain a 3-hour service that everyone agreed was worth every minute and that the time flew by? Here are descriptions from the Sun Times and the Zion Benton Guide (ZB News article will run next week).

A year ago I described my new role as interim pastor of Zion Bible Church:

“At my first service as pastor I suggested that I honestly don’t know where the future will take us—we have use of this building for another year. But with great conviction, I also believe God is leading our steps. I’ve called this season for Zion Bible Church, ‘The Great Adventure.’”

This past Sunday we celebrated God’s work in the past, present, and future (see picture). Pastor Dave Denlinger, ZBC pastor for 36 years, paid tribute to the heritage of more than 80 years of world-wide impact. I described the present Great Adventure as God clearly led us to our future with NorthBridge Church. Pastor Mark Albrecht, NorthBridge lead pastor, cast the vision for the future as Zion Bible Church will merge with NorthBridge beginning June 1.

That June 1 service will be the culmination of more than six months of God’s clear leading for our future together. NorthBridge is based in Antioch, but is planning to build on 20 acres along Rt. 173; just 2.5 miles west of Rt. 41. This property is well within the radius that Zion Bible Church plotted out for a future ministry location. NorthBridge had been already targeting the Zion area as part of their ministry Jerusalem before our dialogue began. The series of events for both sides seemed providential! Each meeting, Bible study, and joint ministry/service continued to confirm this is the right fit for the DNA of Zion Bible Church!

And if there were still any questions, the amazing service of May 25 erased all doubt!

There are still some unknowns about the future. But my conviction of God’s leading a year ago is even greater today. And I would not miss this next Great Adventure for anything!

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