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Merge Ahead: Forward Thinking for a Declining Church

What was I going to do?! The true challenge gripped me during prayer time at our church on a pleasant afternoon in May, 2013. Within a year, our church would no longer have a building, and our future was uncertain. I was convinced that God wanted me to lead this church to their next chapter, but I did not know where that would be, nor how we would get there. “Okay God,” I prayed. “In obedience I had accepted this call as an interim pastor to lead them to their new home. So we need you to lead our steps!” . . .

That is the opening paragraph of an article I wrote for Leadership Journal, which chronicles our Great Adventure at Zion Bible Church.

I encourage you to link to the full article here. While there, navigate around the new format by Leadership Journal. They’ve been serving pastors since 1980 and again they lead the way with online ministry tools.

For this blog entry, I’ll jump to the conclusion:

. . . Now, reflecting back, I’m very thankful for that prayer of confusion a year ago May. I didn’t know what to do. But in the end, it was a Great Adventure into the glorious unknown. On our coffee table sits the lamp that I lit during that final service, symbolic of our Great Adventure. The lamp became a gift from the church with a card that included these words: “Thank you for stepping in when you did and slowing us down and taking a deep breath, so we could watch God open and close doors to the greatest adventure for our church.” I wouldn’t have missed this ride for anything. And now, as part of the NorthBridge Church family, I’m looking forward to the Next Great Adventure.

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