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God’s Leading During Facility Projects

It is an honor to lock arms with pastors as they embark on facility projects. I remember the transformation at a church I pastored when we completed a major renovation, so I encourage these shepherds with the sense of fulfillment in leadership at the end of the project. I also suggest that it will likely be a grand thrill ride experience as God leads in exciting, but often unexpected directions.

So I remind myself of those truths as I reflect on the past six months and how God led me to accept a part-time interim pastorate at Zion Bible Church—and as we prepare to build/renovate a new church!

I maintain a regular pulpit supply ministry and preached a couple of times at Zion Bible Church at the end of 2012. Then, on Friday afternoon, December 21—the Friday before Christmas—I received a call from Zion’s board chairman. The adjacent hospital was offering the church more than double the market value for their facility, but they had to close before the end of the year. While there had been some dialogue with the hospital for years, they had to decide now due to tax benefit reasons. They had upped their offer considerably and the existing building reflected numerous facility issues that were hindering ministry. Unanimously, it seemed like God’s provision.

The church also was convinced that it was God’s leading to have pulpit supply from an Architectural Pastor at this time. My wife and I agreed the timing seemed truly providential. So after much prayer, fasting, and heart searching I’ve accepted this pastorate. I am not decreasing my work as an architectural pastor, but adding the responsibility of an interim pastorate. At times it feels overwhelming, but if God is leading, then God will provide.

At my first service as pastor I suggested that I honestly don’t know where the future will take us—we have use of this building for another year. But with great conviction, I also believe God is leading our steps. I’ve called this season for Zion Bible Church, “The Great Adventure.” You can hear this message from May 5 here.

So here we are. A little nervous. . . Even anxious sometimes. . . But also with a strong conviction of God’s leading, we look forward to this grand thrill ride experience on the wings of God’s will and provision.

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