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How Managed Dreams Produce Great Results

Attending the groundbreaking dedication at Arlington Countryside Church represented the importance of Dream Management. Parishioners placed their hands on the walls to be opened during prayers of commitment for the project about to begin. Pastor Dave and his team led an inspiring service.

When working through facility options, sometimes we need “Dream Managers.” One building committee chairman liked that title a lot better than “Dream Killer,” which had become his label.

Everyone likes to follow the dreams of a gifted vision caster. But those dreams do not become reality unless there is a realistic path for completion. In fact, without a Dream Manager, many building plans end up as rolls of drawings that are never built—because the project was never realistically possible. The money wasted on construction documents never built is staggering. And the particularly troubling part is those monies come from tithes, sacrificial offerings, and “widows’ mites.”

Yes, there is a place for exercising faith,  but that should be balanced with godly wisdom—or Dream Management. One great example is at Arlington Countryside Church, which is about to begin construction on the right project, at the right cost, at the right time.

The church has been growing and needed more room in their worship center. So, naturally, they asked us to plan a worship center addition. But the initial cost estimates appeared beyond their capacity for a healthy project. We explored another option of converting their gym into a Multi-purpose Worship Center. A new lobby solved other facility problems and provided a great entrance to the converted space. Through the process, municipal delays by zoning issues added costs and extended the schedule. Steps of faith grew larger through the process, but did not cross the line of spiritual presumption.

So, if you’re a Vision Caster—keep up your good work. And if you’re a Dream Manager, embrace your equally valuable role in the process for healthy building projects.

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